Sonata for piano fans

I already told you about my main occupation. But I already have another passion, and it’s music.  I’ve actually been attending a music school for three years. That makes me capable of tinkling most popular tunes on piano. And even though most people know this instrument by famous classic compositions such as those by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, there are many contemporary musicians worth listening to. One of my favorite pianists is Claude Debussy  Even if this name doesn’t ring any bells, you probably heard his composition commonly known as ‘River Flows in You.’ I think it’s genius. The most important thing in music is to come up with a catchy theme and not every musician is capable of accomplishing that. We all have different tastes in music, but if you look at popular tunes that appeal to anyone despite their preferences, you’ll notice that they are both very simple and very addictive. Overcomplication might be good for professionals, but we, mere mortals, want something that resonates with our ear. Claude Debussy has that talent. His music can’t be called primitive, but it doesn’t seem too hard to understand. I really hope instrumental music won’t fall out of fashion and will keep giving us new emotions just like it used to a couple of centuries ago!


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